Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Sorbet Sandwiches

This is a result of trying to come up with a birthday treat for Em who's a huge sorbet fan. I wanted a fun and festive dessert that still had birthday cake-like qualities. So from the idea of ice cream sandwiches this new recipe was invented. It was so refreshing and is a perfect treat for Spring and Summer gatherings.

1 box of yellow cake, cook with needed ingredients, water, eggs, oil, according to pkg. directions in two 9in. square pans.
3 pints of sorbet, lemon, strawberry, blood orange
powedered sugar for dusting on top.

Allow cakes to cool for 2 hours before adding sorbet. Trim  cake tops so they are level. Loosen sorbet from containers by microwaving each one for 10-15 seconds. Slice sorbet from the more narrow end into 1/2 in. circles. Cover one cake with sorbet rings and fill in any remaining cake areas with soft sorbet by spreading with a knife. The sorbet layer should be level and top with second portion of cake. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and refreeze for 2 hours. Slice cake through the middle horizontally. Then cut 3 times lengthwise for 8 equal servings.

While this may not be a guiltless treat it is however healthier than ice cream cake or birthday cake. Sorbet has no fat and you can alter your cake batter with a reduced fat/calorie mix for a more healthier treat :)